Guidance, training and mentoring in sustainability, conservation, preservation and digital transformation.

LFCP has over 25 years experience in the cultural heritage sector, providing conservation, preservation and sustainability guidance, training and mentoring to museums and archives, nationally and internationally.

In a survey by the SME Climate Hub, 68% of businesses identified lack of skills and knowledge of sustainability actions as a block to taking action. LFCP has these skills and knowledge. Let us do it for you. 40% of those businesses identified lack of time as another block. Let us use our time to save yours.

By taking sustainability actions you will save money, reduce the running costs of your museum or archive AND help to save the planet. Here’s an example: At The Beacon Museum, Whitehaven simple sustainability actions to reduce the energy used for lighting saved £1050 in a year, and stopped 5.5 tonnes of CO₂e being emitted.

As a small enterprise, LFCP is able to respond quickly to your questions and requests. We get to know you and work closely with you to understand you, your organisation and your needs to guarantee that you get the outcome you require in an efficient, seamless and easy way.

Clients include: