We offer the full range of preservation services to ensure that your collection is safe, long term.

Preservation services

  • Collection condition surveys including:
    • handling
    • storage conditions
    • boxing/protection
    • environmental monitoring and control
    • security
    • emergency planning and response
    • condition assessment
  • Handling guidance and training
Which gloves should I use, or should I use any?
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  • Advice on storage including:
    • what storage to use
    • what storage materials are suitable
    • how to make your own boxes and enclosures
  • Guidance and training on storage and display conditions including:
    • suitable environmental conditions for items and mixed collections
    • environmental monitoring
    • environmental control
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  • Pest management
Woodworm damage ©Lorraine Finch
  • Housekeeping
  • Standards
  • Benchmarking